The PUBLIC PROPERTIES Co. (PPCo S.A.) is a corporation with the mission of developing and managing the private state-owned properties. The Company is 100% owned by the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HCAP) S.A., which is outside the public sector.
The Novelty in Real Estate Management

The first electronic auctions for the exploitation of public properties were concluded successfully in the portal of electronic auctions of PPCo S.A. In the electronic auctions of July as well in those of September, the properties that are auctioned belong to HRADF.

The exploitation of properties through electronic auctions provides better promotion worldwide, attraction of more buyers, speed, simple procedures, transparency and greater benefit for the state. It is our intention in PPCo to promote public properties and to exploit them by sale or lease, through the portal, offering to all Greeks worldwide the opportunity to acquire properties of a broad spectrum of usages.

The portal was conceived and developed by the IT Department of PPCo and it is the first portal for electronic auctions of real estate properties in Greece and among the few in Europe.


Welcome to the website of the Public Properties Company S.A. (PPCo S.A.), which is a state organisation for the management of public real estate.

The vision of PPCo’s new Management is the growth of the Company into an executive body for the management of public real estate with a view to create value for the owner, the Greek citizen, to actively contribute to the country’s development, and to exploit the State’s private real estate, in order to cover its accommodation needs and improve the company’s cash flows.

The main goal of the new Management is to secure the public properties and convert them in an active asset of national wealth.
In any case, a key concern of the new Management is the administration of public real estate, the current national wealth of the country, which should be connected with a Strategic and Business Plan and with indices monitoring the development progress.

We intend to reorganise PPCo in order to utilise the experience and the hidden productivity power of its personnel, which comes from all the public real estate management and development companies that merged, with transparency, justice, specific procedures, set priorities and clear targets.

We ask for the Citizen’s consent, whom we treat as owner of the public properties and on a second level, as a client / counterparty and in any case, as a subject of Law. Our website’s HELPDESK is available and at the disposal of all citizens.
George Terzakis
CEO of PPCo S.A.
Civil Engineer NTUA