3. “Ecotourism park of Fanari, Rodopi. Modernization of basic infrastructure networks and development of new tourism infrastructure.” Act Decision Number: 812/22.05.2018

Data of the Act:
IIS Code: 5003196 in the Operational Programme “Eastern Macedonia - Thrace 2014-2020”
Beneficiary’s Code: 40409040
The Act is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Act Commencement Date: 11/01/2019
Act Expiry Date: 11/08/2020
Brief Description:
The intervention concerns the environmental protection - promotion and management of the natural environment of the property of approximately 41.8 acres in the Fanari location of the Municipality of Komotini, Prefecture of Rodopi, which is owned by the Greek National Tourism Organisation under the administration and management of the Public Properties Company (ETAD SA). The properties of the Public Properties Company fall within the regional areas C1 and B3 of the National Park of the “wetlands of the Nestos Delta, and Lake Vistonida; the Lake Ismarida area with lagoon and lake features, and the wider region, as determined in Joint Ministerial Decree 44549 (Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic 497/D/17.10.2008). The area of the study is adjacent to the Xirolimni lagoon and the village of Fanari and is included in the protected area Natura GR1130009 “Lakes and Lagoons of Thrace - Wider region and coastal area.” In the intervention area, soft activities and facilities are planned with environmental and operational criteria, concerning: a) the restoration of abandoned GNTO visitor service facilities; b) the development of ecotourism activities by forming a single and open local ecotourism park to avoid possible abuses - trespassing of public space by individuals.
Deliverables of the act - The project concerns:
Construction of facilities and infrastructure networks to support the operation of the ecotourism park and are organized into two functional zones including:
- A lightweight refreshment room and sanitation areas measuring 44.13 sq.m. – An area of outdoor sports activities of about 1.5 acres;
- Plantings along the provincial road - Restoration, operational upgrading, and reuse of the existing building complex for the staff - service of bathers, measuring 918.00 sq.m.;
- A Reception, Environmental Information and Orientation Centre measuring 130.99 sq.m.- A Medium Voltage Substation and Engine Room for powering the park's facilities;
- Landscaping of the surrounding area concerning the immediate surrounding space of the reception centre measuring 3,032.00 sq.m. - Parking space for 30 passenger cars;
- Laying out of Playgrounds - Development of sightseeing and thematic routes for the visitors of the area who wish to acquaint themselves with the natural environment of the area (construction of a pedestrian walkway of approximately 1,055 m);
- Works for the protection, improvement, and enrichment of the greenery;
- Construction of four individual corridors for the access of persons with disabilities to the sea;
- Water supply, sewerage and electricity networks;
- Signposting with informative signs on the wetland and the essential elements of the natural environment.
Total expenses with the issuance of supporting documents:
Total Eligible Public Expenditure: €2,359,950.25.