4. Inclusion of the Act entitled “Modernization of existing facilities and infrastructure networks of Lake Kaiafa area.” Act Decision Number: 124/39/A3 / 11.01.2018

Data of the Act:
IIS Code: 5007967 in the Operational Programme “Competitiveness Entrepreneurship and Innovation  2014-2020”
Beneficiary’s Code: 40409040
The Act is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
It should be noted that the relevant Act for Lake Kaiafa is being implemented, by virtue of competence, in cooperation with the relevant Departments of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, as co-beneficiary of the Act, within the framework of an executed memorandum of cooperation, and the Ministry of Tourism, as the financing institution.
Act Commencement Date: 01/01/2017
Act Expiry Date: 29/12/2021
Brief Description: The Kaiafa Thermal Springs complex in Ileia includes thermal springs and service facilities and a broader natural environment of high ecological and aesthetic value with rare biodiversity extending to the sea. The Complex consists of Lake Kaiafa with its shores, the island in the Lake, and the seashore area. Τhe property is part of the site of Community Importance “Dunes and Seaside Forest of Zacharo, Lake Kaiafa, Strofilia, Kakovatos” of the European network NATURA 2000 under code number 2330005.
The total area of the property “Kaiafa Thermal Spring” amounts to 6,139,000 sq.m. and belongs to the Greek National Tourism Organization, except the seashore area and the Lake - designated as a lagoon - which are under the administration and management of the GNTO and currently ETAD SA.
The action area occupies a surface of 120,868.58 sq.m.
The project concerns:
  • part of the existing buildings that were regularised under the “Declaratory act of the legality of tourist building installations at the Kaiafa baths” No. 508131/29.01.2002;
  • modernisation of infrastructure networks;
  • environmental protection, environmental information, and awareness raising works as well as restoration of affected areas as described in the Environmental Impact Study.
The Act seeks to implement the necessary interventions to develop an exemplary ecotourism model in the region that results from the implementation of a mix of combined actions aimed at:
  • the modernisation of existing installations;
  • the rehabilitation of the natural environment;
  • the creation of an environmental awareness park and activities of alternative forms of tourism;
  • the use of innovative methods of coping with integrated eco-development; and
  • the economic viability for the operation and protection of the project and the natural environment.
Total expenses with the issuance of supporting documents:
Total Eligible Public Expenditure: €4,999,725.00.