Incorporating sustainability principles in the development policy concerns all stakeholders: the state, public and private organizations, even non-profit environmental organizations.

Apart from seeking cooperation, coordination and synergies between all key stakeholders, this process requires a sensitization of the society.

Besides, the contemporary approach to sustainable development - as expressed during the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg - refers to seeking “sustainable patterns of consumption and production” which bring about new, with respect to the environment, social attitudes.
“Green” development is the new global initiative and PPCo promotes pilot environmental initiatives and actions, such as the Kaiafas spa resort, where a model eco-tourism and spa centre is currently under development, contributing to the rehabilitation of the natural environment destroyed during the 2007 wildfires in Greece. PPCo is taking part in the reforestation of the region, planting 40.000 pine trees.

Moreover, PPCo is developing an eco-tourism and eco-camping park in Paliourion - Halkidiki, an eco-tourism/eco-marina in Northern Greece as well as developing other special tourism infrastructures that are friendly to the environment throughout Greece.
The Public Properties Company S.A. acknowledges that tourism activity may have a greater social and environmental impact, thus always ensures that its actions safeguard and improve the environment, the local societies and the Greek cultural heritage.