PPCo S.A. manages a real-estate portfolio which boasts 277 diverse tourism properties throughout Greece, such as the former Xenia hotels, Marinas, Camping sites, Golf courses, Ski centres, Museums, Caves, Tourist kiosks, Hot springs, but also large areas of land with good prospects for tourism development, 12 Olympic venues as well as approximately 71.000 titles of properties owned by the Greek state.


The public real-estate portfolio (private property of the State) includes seventy one thousand properties approximately, as these are listed in brief in the following table:
Type of real-estate Number Area size*
Urban 11.937 56.622.815
Rural 23.928 1.227.927.641
Coastal 2.187 161.968.315
Land Plots 7.373 127.161.163
Islands 597 233.088.958
Forests 632 556.800.718
Archaeological sites 538 6.229.914
Settlements 209 987.769
Other 24.058
Total 71.459 3.427.871.494
(*) In m2

The tourism properties portfolio includes real-estate throughout Greece characterised both by their historical and cultural value, and their natural beauty. In many of these properties the GNTO had developed tourism infrastructures, while there are also large properties with good prospects for development representing an unexplored treasure of the country’s tourism portfolio.
Type of real-estate Number
Large areas of land* 27
Marinas 7
Xenia Hotels 31
Tourist Kiosks 26
Hot Springs 20
Campings 12
Ski centers 3
Frontier stations 2
Other areas/ Sea shores 136
Monuments 2
Small islands 6
Caves 1
Stately homes 4
Total 277
(*) With an area > 100.000 m2


This is a group of 12 from the 23 complexes in total which were constructed for the Olympic Games “Athens 2004”. The Olympic venues included today in PPCo’s portfolio are the following:
Venue name
Arena area*
1.Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall 44
2. Faliro Olympic Complex 757
3. Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre 1.029
4. Markopoulo Olympic Shooting Centre 306
5. Schinias Olympic Rowing Centre 2.002
6.Ano Liosia Olympic Hall 79
7. Olympic Media Centre 14
8. Galatsi Olympic Hall 93
9. Goudi Olympic Complex -
10. Pampeloponnisiako Stadium 152
11. Pankritio Stadium 198
12. Panthessaliko Stadium 126
Total 4.800
(*) Hectares