The National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013, is the reference document for the programming of European Union Funds at a national level for the period 2007-2013, which combines the guidelines of European funds to ensure consistency of regional development with the objectives of the national reforms program.

NRSF’s financing plan was structured based on the European Council’s decisions of 2005, the limitations of the new Regulations, the development needs per economic and regional sector, Lisbon strategy’s thematic priorities, and the need to complete ongoing projects carried forth from a previous period, etc. A fundamental choice was the optimum utilisation of resources to the benefit of the country’s balanced regional development.

NRSF is comprised by a smaller number of Operational Programs in comparison with the previous period 2000-2006, which leads to a more flexible management scheme: the country’s strategic planning for 2007-2013 is implemented mainly through eight Sectoral and five Regional Operational Programs (OP):
  • OP “Environment and Sustainable Development”
  • OP “Accessibility Improvement”
  • OP “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship”
  • OP “Digital Convergence”
  • OP “Human Resources”
  • OP “Education and Lifelong Learning”
  • OP “Public Administration Reform”
  • OP “Technical Support for Implementation”